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Taking Care of Your Attic

Care for Your Attic & Your Attic Will Care For You! Your home is most likely one of the largest investments if not THE largest in your lifetime. Maintaining your investment is important to both you and your bottom line. Taking care of your attic is critical in ensuring the long-term comfort and longevity of […]

Range Hoods

Of the appliances installed in your kitchen, the range hood is among the least obvious and underrated. In addition to providing valuable filtering support for your stove or cooktop, range hoods are designed to exhaust combustion products (gas) and cooking odors from your living space. Without a doubt, range hoods are easily one of the most important appliances you can have in your home. Let’s first talk more about what they are and how they work.

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Up in Smoke

Almost everyone considers a fireplace to be a major sales feature in a Tennessee home. But it’s best to be realistic about this – a fireplace is just another heating system that, like any heating system, can burn you if you are not wary.  Right now – before the winter season – is the best time to correct deficiencies in all of your heating systems.