Care for Your Attic & Your Attic Will Care For You!

Your home is most likely one of the largest investments if not THE largest in your lifetime. Maintaining your investment is important to both you and your bottom line. Taking care of your attic is critical in ensuring the long-term comfort and longevity of your home. Learning what to look for and how to properly maintain your attic is simple when part of a regular homeowner maintenance plan. Here are a few helpful tips.

Keep it Cool!

Attics are HOT in the summer. Tennessee attics have it even worse with our elevated humidity and hot temperatures in the spring and summer months. Ensuring proper ventilation is key and will help prolong your attic structure and components (sheathing, framing members and even the shingles) and help keep your cooling bills under control Check to make sure your soffit vents (if present) are free of obstructions and screened off to prevent rodent and insect entry. If your roof is more than 15-20 years old, additional ventilation can be added or even a mechanical vent fan to help force air changeouts too.

Fix Gaps and Openings

A leaky roof encourages rodent and insect intrusion and nesting, water damage and rot and it can also help introduce allergens into your living space. Check your attic for any gaps, which can cause a host of structural problems elsewhere in your living space if left untreated. Additionally, have a professional come out frequently to inspect your roof for damaged or missing shingles.

Keep It Insulated

Insulation is critical to help your home conserve energy and maximize comfort. Proper insulation can also extend the lifespan of your roof covering or shingles. Although you may already have insulation, it could be damaged, compacted or old, so make sure to inspect it periodically. If necessary, add some more insulation – you should always have at least 10 inches of fiberglass or cellulose or even a bit more like 12 to 16 inches would be beneficial. Here is a great article from This Old House.

Locate and Remove Pests

Rodents and pests are always on the lookout for a new home. Careful preparation can help make sure you don’t have any unwanted free loaders! If you believe you may have critters living in your attic void, call a team of professionals to safely and effectively remove them.

Identify and Remove Asbestos

Some insulation materials from the early 1900s can contain asbestos. You can learn more at the EPA’s informational website. If your house was built in the early 1900s and you believe you might have asbestos insulation, give us or a qualified contractor a call to check it out. Since asbestos exposure can be a big problem, eliminating it from your home will ensure your family’s safety.

As always, 3 Arrows Property Inspection is here to help. If we can be of service in anyway, please give us a call and let us know what we can do.

furnace filter
Range hood

Of the appliances installed in your kitchen, the range hood is among the least obvious and underrated. In addition to providing valuable filtering support for your stove or cooktop, range hoods are designed to exhaust combustion products (gas) and cooking odors from your living space. Without a doubt, range hoods are easily one of the most important appliances you can have in your home. Let’s first talk more about what they are and how they work.


Almost everyone considers a fireplace to be a major sales feature in a Tennessee home. But it’s best to be realistic about this – a fireplace is just another heating system that, like any heating system, can burn you if you are not wary.  Right now – before the winter season – is the best time to correct deficiencies in all of your heating systems.

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